Brian Richmond

Brian is a certified and experienced Personal trainer, Sport massage therapist and Group fitness instructor and a Soca recording artist. Brian was born in Grenada, trained and certified in the US and moved to London in 2004. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, Brian has worked with many different ages and fitness levels, from being a school PE teacher to working with marathon runners as well as residents in a retirement care home. Brian continues to study, and stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, with particular interest in biomechanics and soft tissue adaptation. He believes that a holistic balance of nutrition and life style change, coupled with a 3-Dimensional functional training style optimises the development of the body.

Brian’s 3-Dimensional Functional system, is a training style he has developed over the years of working one on one, with group training and in treating soft tissue problems. His 3-Dimensional training system is designed to work with your body’s natural movement, delivering faster results.

‘If you look at the anatomy of the body, you will see none of the muscles run in a straight line, so by training 3-dimensionally you avoid training repetitively in one direction preventing injury and maximise the full use of the neuromuscular system”

Brian has written and produced his own music, which he not only performs in concert, but also incorporates into his proprietary and personally choreographed dance class, Island Jam.

Brian injects energy, charm, knowledge, charisma and motivation to his sessions, making working with him a pleasurable, hard working and fun experience.

Whatever your health and fitness goals, Brian can help.

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