Personal Training

Brian is an experienced and motivating Personal trainer, with over 15  years in the fitness industry.  Brian has worked with many different ages, skill and fitness levels. His passion, knowledge, and experience in  health and fitness has led him to adopt a 3-Dimensional functional approach in his training style, focusing on developing core stability and mobility,  improving and enhancing human biomechanics resulting in a tailored and effective training method delivering  real results.

Personal training with Brian begins with an assessment of your fitness goals and desires, be it weight loss, strength, improved fitness, muscle tone, sport specific training, muscle building etc.  He will develop a genuinely personalised  plan directly adapted to your goals and current fitness levels using the full range of his diverse experience and skill set. For instance Aqua exercise gives him a valuable additional tool for injury rehabilitation or performance enhancement, through resistance training in the water, whilst reducing impact on your joints.

Although freelance, Brian is currently based at Dolphin Fitness SW1. Clients can choose to train either at the gym (for a small supplement), at home or in one of the numerous parks and squares nearby. Wherever you train, Brian injects energy, charm, knowledge, motivation and charisma to his sessions, making personal training with him a pleasurable, hard working and fun experience.


Brian’s 3-Dimensional training system is an efficient, muscle sensible, multi functional, fun, innovative and effective training style that makes you achieve your goals whilst looking and feeling great.

Body weight, Dum bells, Fit ball, Resistance bands and Cable/Pulley machines are some of my favourite training tools, alongside Med balls, Bosu, suspension training, Kettle bells, Aquatic and vibration training

Training principles such as variable reps and sets, speed, power and tempo, compound and super setting, intervals, pyramid and circuits can all be incorporated into the 3D system

Nutritional Advice

Eating smart means eating simply and naturally, as mother- nature intended. Fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts etc in their pure natural state

Having 3-5 controlled portion meals per day, which includes 3-4 different colours with your meat or fish.  “ Colours mean life and energy’’

Food choices and intolerance!

Does what you eat, suit your body? Is your body fighting back and being stressed by the foods you are eating, making you slow, stressed, fat, sluggish and lacking energy?

Food intolerance testing can HELP! And as a Yorktest practitioner I can help you discover what your body needs.

Whatever your health and fitness goal; weight loss, weight management, fat loss, core strength, muscular strength,muscle building, body toning, cardio fitness, flexibility, functional or sport specific training, Brian can help.