Sports Massage

Brian is a qualified and experienced Sports Massage Therapist. He applies his in depth knowledge of human physiology, anatomy and biomechanics in combination with his practical experience of personal training, sports rehabilitation and corrective exercise to provide a holistic therapeutic treatment suitable for anyone.

Brian combines soft tissue manipulation and massage techniques such as trigger points, myofascial release, FMR functional manual release, friction, cross fibre work and PNF muscle activation movement stretching etc.

His treatments are very effective in addressing postural problems and movement difficulty,  muscular injuries, aches and pain relief, stress, soreness and tightness, over-worked and tired muscles or simply for relaxation.

Brian’s clients range from performance athletes, fitness enthusiasts, stressed out executives, and people in need of pain relief or relaxation. Massages can be done either at his home in St George’s Square or at your home with his portable massage table


For pain relief and muscle relaxation, Brian can help.